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generate() - Static method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.LiteAccount
Generate a new random LiteAccount for the ACME token
getAcmeTokenUrl() - Static method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.AccURL
getAmount() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.AddCreditsArg
getAmount() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.BurnTokensArg
getAmount() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.IssueTokensArg
getAmount() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.TokenRecipientArg
getChainId() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.query.QueryChain
getCount() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.query.QueryTransactionHistory
getData() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.WriteDataArg
getData() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.WriteData
getEnvelopeHash() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.ResponseResult
getExtIds() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.WriteDataArg
getExtIds() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.WriteData
getFaucet(String) - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Method used to Get faucet for an account.
GetFaucet - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.query
GetFaucet() - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.query.GetFaucet
GetFaucet(String) - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.query.GetFaucet
getHash() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.ResponseResult
getHash() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.SendTokensArg
getHash() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Transaction
getHeader() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Transaction
getHeight() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.KeyPage
getId() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.RPCRequest
getId() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.RPCResponse
getInitialSupply() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateTokenArg
getJsonrpc() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.RPCRequest
getJsonrpc() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.RPCResponse
getKey() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.UpdateKeyPageArg
getKeyBookName() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateIdentityArg
getKeyBookUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateDataAccountArg
getKeyBookUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateTokenAccountArg
getKeyBookUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateTokenArg
getKeyPage() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.TxnRequest
getKeyPageHeight() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.HeaderOptions
getKeyPageHeight() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.KeyPageOptions
getKeyPageHeight() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Header
getKeyPageHeight() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.KeypairSigner
getKeyPageHeight() - Method in interface com.sdk.accumulate.service.OriginSigner
getKeyPageIndex() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.HeaderOptions
getKeyPageIndex() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.KeyPageOptions
getKeyPageIndex() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Header
getKeyPageIndex() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.KeypairSigner
getKeyPageIndex() - Method in interface com.sdk.accumulate.service.OriginSigner
getKeyPageName() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateIdentityArg
getKeys() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateKeyPageArg
getManager() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateTokenArg
getManagerKeyBookUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateDataAccountArg
getMeta() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.SendTokensArg
getMethod() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.RPCRequest
getNewKey() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.UpdateKeyPageArg
getNonce() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.HeaderOptions
getNonce() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.Signer
getNonce() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Header
getOperation() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.UpdateKeyPageArg
getOrigin() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.TxnRequest
getOrigin() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Header
getOrigin() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.KeypairSigner
getOrigin() - Method in interface com.sdk.accumulate.service.OriginSigner
getOwner() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.UpdateKeyPageArg
getPages() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateKeyBookArg
getParams() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.RPCRequest
getPayload() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.TxnRequest
getPayloadBinary() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Transaction
getPrecision() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateTokenArg
getProperties() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateTokenArg
getPublicKey() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.AccSignature
getPublicKey() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateIdentityArg
getPublicKey() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.Signer
getPublicKey() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.KeypairSigner
getQuery(String) - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Method used to query about a lite account.
getQueryChain(String) - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Method used to get the transaction based on chain ID
getQueryData(String) - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Method used to query the Data based on Account
getQueryKeyIndex(String) - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Method used query the Key index based on Account
getRecipient() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.AddCreditsArg
getRecipient() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.IssueTokensArg
getResult() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.RPCResponse
getSignature() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.AccSignature
getSignature() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.TxnRequest
getSignature() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Transaction
getSigner() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.TxnRequest
getSimpleHash() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.ResponseResult
getSymbol() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateTokenArg
getThreshold() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.UpdateKeyPageArg
getTo() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.SendTokensArg
getTokenUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateTokenAccountArg
getTransaction(String) - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Method used to get the transaction details based on transaction ID
getTransactionHash() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.ResponseResult
getTransactionHistory(String, int) - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Method used to get the transaction history based on account
getTxid() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.ResponseResult
getTxid() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.query.QueryTransaction
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateDataAccountArg
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateIdentityArg
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateKeyBookArg
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateKeyPageArg
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateTokenAccountArg
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.CreateTokenArg
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.TokenRecipientArg
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.query.GetFaucet
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.query.QueryData
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.query.QueryKeyIndex
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.query.QueryLiteAccount
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.query.QueryTransactionHistory
getUrl() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.AccURL
getValue() - Method in enum class com.sdk.accumulate.enums.TxType
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