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AccSignature - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.model
AccSignature() - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.model.AccSignature
AccumulateTest - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.service
AccumulateTest() - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.service.AccumulateTest
AccURL - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.service
AccURL(URI) - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.service.AccURL
AcmeFaucet - Enum constant in enum class com.sdk.accumulate.enums.TxType
AcmeFaucet produces a synthetic deposit tokens transaction that deposits ACME tokens into a lite token account.
ADD_CREDIT - Static variable in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.Constant
addCredits(AddCreditsArg, OriginSigner) - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Method used to Add credits to an account
AddCredits - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.service
AddCredits - Enum constant in enum class com.sdk.accumulate.enums.TxType
AddCredits converts ACME tokens to credits, which produces a synthetic deposit credits transaction.
AddCredits(AddCreditsArg) - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.service.AddCredits
AddCreditsArg - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.model
AddCreditsArg() - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.model.AddCreditsArg
AddCreditsTest - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.service
AddCreditsTest() - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.service.AddCreditsTest
AddKey - Enum constant in enum class com.sdk.accumulate.enums.KeyPageOperation
ADI - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.service
ADI - Static variable in class com.sdk.accumulate.model.Constant
ADI(AccURL, TweetNaclFast.Signature.KeyPair) - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.service.ADI
append(byte[]...) - Static method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Crypto
authority() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.AccURL
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All Classes and Interfaces|All Packages|Constant Field Values