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BaseQueryPrams - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.query
BaseQueryPrams() - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.query.BaseQueryPrams
baseUrl - Variable in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Accumulate network Url (That may be a test net or Main net or local Devnet)
bigNumberMarshalBinary(BigInteger) - Static method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Marshaller
booleanMarshaller(boolean) - Static method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Marshaller
burnTokens(BurnTokensArg, OriginSigner) - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Method used to burn specified tokens from an account
BurnTokens - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.service
BurnTokens - Enum constant in enum class com.sdk.accumulate.enums.TxType
BurnTokens burns tokens from a token account, which produces a synthetic burn tokens transaction.
BurnTokens(BurnTokensArg) - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.service.BurnTokens
BurnTokensArg - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.model
BurnTokensArg() - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.model.BurnTokensArg
BurnTokensTest - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.service
BurnTokensTest() - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.service.BurnTokensTest
bytesMarshaller(byte[]) - Static method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Marshaller
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All Classes and Interfaces|All Packages|Constant Field Values