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Unknown - Enum constant in enum class com.sdk.accumulate.enums.TxType
Unknown represents an unknown transaction type.
UpdateKey - Enum constant in enum class com.sdk.accumulate.enums.KeyPageOperation
updateKeyPage(UpdateKeyPageArg, OriginSigner) - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Client
Method used to update an existing Key page
UpdateKeyPage - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.service
UpdateKeyPage - Enum constant in enum class com.sdk.accumulate.enums.TxType
UpdateKeyPage adds, removes, or updates keys in a key page, which *does not* produce a synthetic transaction.
UpdateKeyPage(UpdateKeyPageArg) - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.service.UpdateKeyPage
UpdateKeyPageArg - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.model
UpdateKeyPageArg() - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.model.UpdateKeyPageArg
UpdateKeyPageTest - Class in com.sdk.accumulate.service
UpdateKeyPageTest() - Constructor for class com.sdk.accumulate.service.UpdateKeyPageTest
UpdateManager - Enum constant in enum class com.sdk.accumulate.enums.TxType
UpdateManager updates manager for the existing chain.
url() - Method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.LiteAccount
uvarintMarshalBinary(BigInteger) - Static method in class com.sdk.accumulate.service.Marshaller
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All Classes and Interfaces|All Packages|Constant Field Values